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Localization Services

Your projects are translated by thoroughly trained native German translators who have been localizing software applications and associated material for many years.

Before joining Berthold International these language specialists have gained their experience as full-time employees of major localization companies and/or as freelance translators for a wide variety of companies.


  • Translation - we translate your...
  • User interfaces
  • Printed documentation
  • Online help
  • Multimedia titles
  • Audio/video scripts
  • Websites
  • Industry ads and marketing materials, and more...
  • Editing - complete editing of localized material + electronic spell check before layout is created, UI or web site built, or help compiled.
  • Proofreading - complete check of documentation, help, web site, and other printed material after layout is completed or help compiled.
  • Linguistic testing - complete review of built UI to verify translation in context (double check the correctness and consistency of all translated commands, functions, messages, ToolTips, etc., to make sure no strings are cut off or left in English in run-time version), and testing of context-sensitive help systems.
  • Functional testing - verification that the localized product functions like the original version under the foreign operating system, testing of hyperlinks.
  • On-site testing - if necessary due to special hardware or environment prerequisites on-site testing at your location is possible.
  • Translation memory - we utilize proprietary and standard translation memory tools (e.g. Trados Studio, ATMS, Polyglot) to propagate and leverage existing translations for consistency and to ensure higher quality and efficiency.

We also provide...

  • Stream translation services - delivery of continuous translation flow for material requiring immediate attention like time-critical web content, simultaneous releases, or other short turnaround projects.
  • Complete audio services - casting of native voice talent, digital recording/editing and directing of voice-overs for multimedia and video applications. Reduction of audio scripts into subtitles for foreign language productions.
  • Complete print and online publishing services - we offer all services necessary to recreate the "look and feel" of the localized source material, and to deliver the final foreign online or print documentation in any requested electronic format or on film.


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