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Localization Management

Localization management services are offered to meet the needs of localization companies requiring additional capacity, as well as for software companies localizing large projects and/or projects with multiple languages involved.

Every localization /project manager is well-versed in handling the multitude of tasks required during the localization of your product. They work together with you to ensure the efficient, timely and correct completion of translation projects of any size.

Localization Management Services entail…

  • Efficient execution of project – thanks to thoroughly trained, experienced professional translators and localization managers, your project will be executed in the most efficient manner.
  • Ensuring timely and correct completion of translations – time and quality are critical factors, and the emphasis of one should not compromise the other. An experienced and savvy Localization Manager ensures high quality results by addressing issues early on.
  • Maintaining project flow – especially important with larger localization projects in more than one language, with multiple translators and different locations involved. Certain additional steps might have to be considered before translation starts or after the translation process is completed.
  • Creation and maintenance of glossaries, terminology databases and style guides – indispensable for consistency of terminology and style, and very useful for client reviews, localization into multiple languages, and future upgrades.
  • Recruiting, selection, evaluation and training of translators and/or translation companies – not every translator or company can deliver the high-quality results required by specific industries. We help you find the right localization specialists.
  • Capacity planning we prepare in advance and provide the resources necessary to execute projects of any size within a requested timeframe.

Berthold International’s localization project managers and translators stay up to date with new developments in the industry by constantly handling and translating the latest products, visiting clients, attending workshops and trade shows, and by absorbing lot of foreign and U.S.-based industry literature.


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