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English-German Localization Services - Localization Management - Localization Consulting

Consulting with native experts before translation starts helps to streamline the entire localization process. Preparing your product for the actual translation into one or more languages is also referred to as “Internationalization”.

To fully adapt your product for the target market, it is important to carefully analyze certain aspects of it, such as code in your software or content and links on your website, requiring to be changed, replaced, removed, or added. Proper consulting will not only result in a localized product of superior quality, but also saves time and money.

Consulting services are especially recommended for the localization of your…

  • User Interfaces – for example code for date/time information might have to be changed, concatenated strings adapted, resources from source code isolated, etc.
  • Collateral materials – the address fields of your registration card might need to be modified, contact information replaced, etc.
  • Websites – online forms might need to be modified, certain content and links changed, removed or added, etc.
  • Ads & marketing materials – your concept might be inappropriate for the target market, specific parts might require to be rewritten, etc.
  • Multimedia titles – content might not be understood or could be misinterpreted by your foreign target audience – sometimes minor adjustments make a huge difference.
  • Video and audio scripts and subtitling – many issues must be taken into consideration for this delicate subject matter. We’ll give you a clear picture of what is involved to adapt your video and audio material for foreign markets.



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